There is currently an alarming trend on social media platforms like WhatsApp, of forwarding chain messages about the prevention, management and treatment of COVID-19. Most of the chain messages have misleading and absurd information and lack diclosure of the original author/ source (which already raises a red flag). As Uzima Health Community, let us be aware that the best source of information is The Government of Kenya via The Ministry of Health vis-a-vis anonymous alternative sources. Home based care is only for confirmed asymptomatic patients and it has a set protocol. Please note that the main killer in COVID is on overactive immune system that leads to something called a Cytokine Storm whereby a person's own immune system damages the lungs severly. So what happens when you use all sorts of methods to 'overboost' your immunity rather than boosting it to just the right level? When you overdo it beyond what we shared in the previous post? As of Friday counties were reporting positive outcomes with the use of an immune system suppressing drug called Dexamethasone [ KNH medics' zoom webinar- Counties Experience in Managing COVID-19, 17/07/2020]. Let us be careful. ~ You save me, I save you.

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