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Heavy menstrual bleeding #Fibroids
Health benefits of arrowroot (Nduma) you didn’t know

1. Circulation Issues: The rich nutrient mixture in arrowroots comprises of high levels of iron and copper. The two elements form part of the red blood cells. Arrowroots help in preventing anemia and other blood circulation related difficulties. 2. Metabolic Processes: Arrowroots have high Vitamin B concentration which makes it an important enzymatic and metabolic substance. It helps in regulating processes in the human body. 3. Birth defects: Folate, present in Vitamin B is also present in arrowroots. The component is important for expectant mothers and can help prevent neural tube defects. 4. Stomach Concerns: Arrowroot is a gluten-free substance – prevent gastrointestinal discomfort, pain, and danger that those handling a gluten intolerance must face every day. 5. Arrowroot, unlike other vegetable tubers contain high level of protein which aid in building the body and other tissues. 6. Digestion: Dietary fiber is one of the most important parts of our digestive process, as it helps move food through the bowels in an efficient manner, while also stimulating the uptake of nutrients. Arrowroot also helps in reducing the effect of constipation and controlling level of blood sugar.

Eid Al-Adha

To our Muslim brothers and sisters, enjoy your Eid al-Adha

Health Benefits of Vegetables

Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients, including potassium, dietary fiber, folate (folic acid), vitamin A, and vitamin C. Dietary fiber from vegetables, as part of an overall healthy diet, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease. Vegetables help you maintain good health because they're low-calorie and low-fat, as well as low in sodium and cholesterol. They help strengthen your immunity system and keep you healthy. Try to substitute processed foods with vegetables in your diet to fight diseases and maintain good health

How to Keep Yourself Warm during this Cold Weather

Wrap up warm: Dress in layers and wear a hat, gloves, and scarf. Have regular hot drinks; ginger tea, coffee, or poridge Have warming food such as soups and stews Keep yourself as active as possible to boost your circulation.

Health Benefits of Oranges

Orange is known to have several health benefits and is among the most popular fruits around the world. Their benefits include; Rich in vitamin C that helps enhance immune system Rich in antioxidants that prevents skin damage Keeps blood pressure under check Lowers cholesterol Controls blood sugar levels Lowers the risk of cancer such as skin cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. Take them once in a while to enjoy these benefits.


There is currently an alarming trend on social media platforms like WhatsApp, of forwarding chain messages about the prevention, management and treatment of COVID-19. Most of the chain messages have misleading and absurd information and lack diclosure of the original author/ source (which already raises a red flag). As Uzima Health Community, let us be aware that the best source of information is The Government of Kenya via The Ministry of Health vis-a-vis anonymous alternative sources. Home based care is only for confirmed asymptomatic patients and it has a set protocol. Please note that the main killer in COVID is on overactive immune system that leads to something called a Cytokine Storm whereby a person's own immune system damages the lungs severly. So what happens when you use all sorts of methods to 'overboost' your immunity rather than boosting it to just the right level? When you overdo it beyond what we shared in the previous post? As of Friday counties were reporting positive outcomes with the use of an immune system suppressing drug called Dexamethasone [ KNH medics' zoom webinar- Counties Experience in Managing COVID-19, 17/07/2020]. Let us be careful. ~ You save me, I save you.

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