What is Uzima Health ?

Uzima Health is an advanced Hospital Management and Information System (HMIS) that leverages innovative technology to digitize all operations of hospitals and doctors. It is among the top and most preferred HMIS in Kenya due to its effectiveness in enhancing hospital operations and facilitating medical practices in clinics, hospitals, dispensaries, private doctors, pharmacies, and healthcare organizations. Uzima HMIS will help you achieve seamless flow of patients from one department to another, rationalize managerial workflows, enhance collaboration between facilities, enable referrals, manage inventory and eliminate stock losses. Use Uzima Health HMIS to measure facility performance and create a transparent environment to get the best out of your staff and provide quality medical services to your patients.

Simplified Management

All the events in the hospital can be managed and monitored remotely.


Healthcare providers can collaborate in administering the best healthcare to patients.


Integrates biometrics, queue management, staff attendance and intelligent assistant among other technologies.


Patients can consult with their doctors remotely using Uzima mobile app


What can Uzima Health do ?

Uzima empowers health facility owners and administrators with the best tools to monitor every activity in the hospital, including elaborate inventory and finance tracking, and human resource management.

Uzima provides decision-support to all stakeholders including doctors to improve patient outcomes.



Get the best out of the data your facility records. Giving you the power to measure and improve the performance of your facility.



In the effort to combat Corona virus, we have made it simpler for you to help flatten the curve through the Uzima application. You can also do so through the following ways:

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Telemedicine services.

Uzima Health telemedicine platform enables patient care remotely through online consultations in Kenya. It allows online medical practice by enabling patients to connect with certified doctors at the comfort of their homes. The platform has clinicians and different specialist doctors who can handle all sorts of health conditions. They are available 24/7 and you can connect with them virtually and seek treatment or advice on medication, nutrition, psychological issues, diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy, women health, and several other related issues. Uzima Health makes healthcare more accessible, cost-effective, and increases real-time patient engagement by facilitating online consultation. It is the most affordable and convenient way to access primary care. It doesn’t matter where you are and you don’t need to worry about transportation costs or mobility. All you need to do is to download the Uzima Patient App on Google Play, sign up, and consult a doctor online at the comfort of your home. We’ve got you covered!

Why choose Uzima Health ?

We are focussed and dedicated to improving healthcare by bridging the gap between healthcare providers and patients

Easy to use
Intuitive design and architecture to make it easy and simple for everyone to use.
Built to ensure patients get the best and fastest access to healthcare services possible.
Provides information in real-time to all healthcare providers and stakeholders to make the best decisions.

Increase your hospital productivity with Uzima Health

Create a transparent environment to get the best out of your staff and give the best services to your patients.

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